This camp is placed near the primary school in the settlement Dobroševići (Goodwill) on the outskirts of the city of Sarajevo 12 km from its center.


What we offer is a secure place to put a tent and most IMPORTANT a safe place to put bikes and panniers under the lock while you go to explore the city of Sarajevo on foot! The camp can place 8 to 12 tents and 10 hammocks or more than 20 persons at the same time. The main goal is to create a meeting point for cyclists and real adventurists in a place where we can meet and greet over coffee, take a rest, fill the bottles and batteries and keep on going! If you are coming with a car, no problem, you are more than welcome too:)

“We are the place where cars, bicycles & tents bring people together”

We got water and a sunshower (warmed by the sun! ) and a hot shower too, a little cabin with a stove for rainy and cold days and electricity too. The good thing is that just 50 meters from the camp is a RESTAURANT with domestic food,  and an internet connection too.

 “We got Wi-Fi in Camp by Tent”

The parking place is on the first level (on the right)
I can hear birds singing!
Let’s swing!
Good mooorniiing
We love to camp by tent
outdoor room
We have a tiny cabin for rainy days
just chillin’
Toilet (be free to make a sign on the wall with the marker pen:)
In the shadow of the young forest
The campsite is hidden in the young forest…so follow the map
When you see SUN FACE on the House, you are in the right place:)


Camp by Tent functions on the Latin proverb “Manus Manum Lavat” or help for a help:)


Night per bicyclist: 5

all others: 7 € per night

Important: Don’t wash your clothes in the campsite, because we collect water by hand!


Check-in is from 5pm

Check Out is till 11am

All tents must be pitched on the pad, where provided.

Fires and Wood Gathering:
Campfires are permitted only in fire grates. You may collect wood in the forest only if it is on the ground and dead. If you wanna big fire it’s 10€ per Bag of logs (plus matches, firelighters, kindling).

Campers are welcome to bring dogs (charged at 3€ per night). Dogs must be kept under control at all times, and mess must be picked up and binned. Pets should not be left unattended in the campground. Please prevent excessive barking and properly dispose of pet waste.
Quiet hours are in effect from 8 pm to 6 am. Totally silence is imperative.

This is a completely eco-friendly guide. We have a dry toilet, it works on bucket and the sawdust.

Garbage: Dispose of garbage promptly in dumpsters provided.

Bicycles: Lock your bicycle in the foreseen places, we aren’t responsible for your precious bicycle:)

Prohibited Items:
Fireworks, traps, and the use of chainsaws are prohibited.

Only two motor vehicles are allowed in the area of the campsite.  Park only in designated spaces. All other spaces are private places, so don’t park without my confirmation.

Public transport:

There is a bus station 1 mile from the campsite. The bus rides every hour to the City.

No. of the bus is:  “26 STUP-DOBROŠEVIĆI” or 23A željeznička stanica- reljevo The last bus is at 11pm.

Taxi cab:

The price of a TAXI cab from the center of the city to the camp by tent is 10-12 €